[GNORC] container en kraan

Nobody knows exactly how gravitation works. Everybody knows what the consequences are of gravitation, however how the apple and the earth know that they have to attract each other is unknown. The graviton has not yet been revealed.
At the Verbeke Foundation in Kemzeke, Belgium, a new serendipitic research centre has been founded. In the research centre, housed in a black-hole resistant container, research is performed focussing on the neutralisation of gravitation. The Gravitation Neutralisation van Overbeek Research Centre (GNORC) performs experiments with, among others, gravitation pumps and stochastic-field scattering devices. At present, the gravitation-field can be made tangible with the Montgolfier disc, designed and built by GNORC. On June 24th 2012, the Montgolfier disc was launched on the premises of the Verbeke foundation.  

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