Quivering Towers

Trees are not afraid of the wind. They do not defend themselves. The wind makes them move, rustle, bend their branches. Most iron towers are unapproachable for the wind. That is a pity. Iron towers can bend and rock in the wind, and above all, they can quiver handsomely.

The installation Quivering Towers consists of four, pentagonal Quivering Towers of six meters high and Windcatcher. Windcatcher can provide for the quiver-energy.

From March 24th till May 20th 2011 Quivering Towers will perform quiver-dances at the Keukenhof in Lisse, the Netherlands. The quiver-dance performances consist of the three parts Atto di Nascita, Gioia di Vivere, Convoglio Funebre. The choreography is made by Adriaan Luteijn  and the music ((c) BUMA/ STEMRA) is composed and performed by Ineke van Doorn en Marc van Vugt.

The music will be audible during the performance. You can download the music here.

E-mail:info@kristal-helder.nl Site Henny van Ham / Koffiekoek.nl